Kenneth Hockney Dies

In February, Hockney’s father passes away. Hockney returns home to Bradford, England, for the funeral and to spend time with his mother. 

Study of Artist's Father, for 'My Parents and Myself', 1976
Study of Artist's Father, for 'My Parents and Myself', 1976

Concerning Tate's acquisitions

In London in February, Hockney writes an article for publication on March 4 in the Observer—a plea to Tate to stop favoring abstract art in its acquisitions. 

We know that art can be full of joy, and my criticism of the Tate’s present attitude is that it is so narrow, so biased in favor of joyless and soulless and theoretical art. In taking this narrow view, they are also being extremely arrogant. It is a view they are trying to impose on the public.

Prints at Gemini G.E.L. and Tyler Graphics

In L.A., Hockney works with Gemini G.E.L. on lithographs of Celia Birtwell and Ann Upton. He then moves on to Tyler Graphics where he makes more lithographic portraits, among them Joe McDonald and Henry Geldzahler.

A Lot More of Ann Combing her Hair
Ann Putting on Lipstick
Ann Combing Her Hair
Celia Musing
Celia Weary
Celia Amused
Celia Inquiring
Celia Elegant
Celia Adjusting her Eyelash
Celia Reclining
Albert Clark
Jerry Sohn
Albert and George Clark
Two Vases of Cut Flowers and a Liriope Plant

Portraits aren’t just made up of drawing, they are made up of other insights as well. Celia is one of the few girls I know really well. I’ve drawn her so many times and knowing her makes it always slightly different. I don’t bother getting the likeness in her face because I know it so well. She has many faces and I think if you looked through all the drawings I’ve done of her, you’d see that they don’t look alike.

Byron on Hand
Joe with David Harte
Joe with Green Window
Ann Seated in Director's Chair
Johnny and Lindsay
Study of Byron
The Commissioner
Bora Bora

L.A. portraits

He continues to work in acrylic for his new paintings, producing portraits at a swift pace. One of his most striking sitters is Divine, introduced to [NESTED]Hockney by artist Don Bachardy at Divine’s request. Hockney takes the opportunity to experiment with his fresh, California-inspired painterly style, capturing the flamboyant actor and beloved personality full figure, with distant gaze but raw visage.

Divine, GA 083 p. 37
Divine, GA 083 p. 37
Divine, 1979
Divine III
Divine VI
Ken Tyler
Ann Upton Combing Her Hair
Santa Monica Boulevard
Kas Reading 'Professor Seagull'

A new house in the Hollywood Hills

Hockney takes up residence in a highly perched house in the Hollywood Hills sharing it with Gregory Evans.

GA-091 p. 10



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