Yellow Tulips

Flowers and portraits

At Annely Juda Fine Art in London, Hockney’s solo show, Flowers, Faces and Spaces, spotlights his recent flower paintings as well as his “portrait wall” of 24 friends [NESTED] and family members.

30 Sunflowers, 1996
30 Sunflowers, 1996
Self Portrait, December 22, 1996 from "Portrait Wall"
Margaret Hockney, December 27, 1996 from "Portrait Wall"
Ken Wathey, December 31, 1996 from "Portrait Wall"
Paul Hockney, December 31, 1996 from "Portrait Wall"
Mum, December 29, 1996 from "Portrait Wall"
Jonathan Silver, January 3, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Self Portrait, January 19, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Gregory Evans, January 20, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Richard Schmidt, January 22, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Don Cribb, February 5, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
John Hockney, January 27, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Don Cribb, February 7, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Mark Steinbrink, February 8, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Arthur Lambert, February 10, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Arthur Lambert, February 10, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Arthur Lambert, February 13, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Duffen, February 16, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Maurice Payne, February 18, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Ann Graves, February 28, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Mum, March 1, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Jonathan Silver, February 27, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Maurice Payne, March 15, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"
Richard Schmidt, March 17, 1997 from "Portrait Wall"

Order of the Companions of Honour

Shortly after celebrating his 60th birthday in July in Los Angeles, he returns to England where he is received by Her Majesty the Queen into the Order of the Companions of Honour.

Hockney inside a painted pool with one of his dogs

Visiting Jonathan Silver

Having spent the early summer road-tripping through the American Southwest, once again visiting the Grand Canyon, Hockney spends late summer in Yorkshire, where his dear friend Jonathan Silver is in the final stages of cancer. Driving back and forth across Yorkshire to visit Silver—a roundtrip of more than 120 miles between Bridlington and Saltaire—Hockney contemplates how [NESTED]to paint the landscapes of his boyhood, and soon embarks upon a new body of work. 

Jonathan Silver, 1996
Jonathan Silver, 1996

When Jonathan Silver, who ran Salts Mill, the museum of my work at Saltaire near Bradford, got really ill, I came over from L.A. simply because I could see he was dying. He was a close friend. Before Jonathan’s illness we had talked every couple of days on the telephone about art and all manner of things. That was in 1997, and it was the first time I’d stayed in England for a few months since the 1970s. Jonathan lived in Wetherby, which is a very pleasant drive from Bridlington, via York. I was going there every couple of days to visit him, and I started noticing the countryside and how it changed. Because it’s agricultural land around here, the surface of the earth itself is constantly being altered. The wheat grows, then it’s harvested, then you see it ploughed.

The Road to York through Sledmere
North Yorkshire
The Road Across the Wolds

In a sense those Yorkshire paintings came out of the ideas of the great spaces of the West, but it did occur to me straightway that Yorkshire is one place where you have enormous vistas ... you can see everything as you drive, from Bridlington to Wetherby, just east of York, down Garrowby Hill and up it again, and I realized here’s a subject and here’s a way to paint it. Jonathan was urging me all the while to "paint Yorkshire." I had never stayed this long in Yorkshire. I was forced to see it afresh.

Painting Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire

To honor Silver’s achievement in fostering the arts and reviving Saltaire’s sense of community, Hockney paints the scene at Salts Mill, the cultural center focused on his work that Silver started in an abandoned building at the heart of the town.

Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire, 1997

I’d painted Saltaire, for Jonathan; I wanted him to see it as I see it now, and also for him to know how I’d remembered it as well. Salts Mill is about time and the history of the place, and many places like it. By that I mean, for instance, the rows of houses to the right of the Mill never came down the hill like that. You would actually have to be inside the Mill looking out to achieve that perspective effect. But I grew up in Bradford in small terraces jammed together just like that, and I remember Saltaire as a busy working mill—literally the hub of the whole community.

Yellow Tulips, 1997



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