Andalucia. Alcazaba, Granada.

Whitney Biennial

Hockney is invited to take part in the Whitney Biennial for the first time, which opens in March and features a selection of his portraits and watercolors of his garden and interiors.

Los Angeles Studio
Cactus Garden IV
Saturday Rain II

Watercolors in Europe

He continues making watercolors over the early part of the year on trips to see the rural landscapes and architectural sites of France and Spain and at Lake Como. For the annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, Hockney co-curates with Allen Jones—an iconic figure of the British Pop art era and a fellow student at the Royal College of Art in the 1960s—a display of Hockney's Spanish watercolors.

Andalucia. Courtyard, Seville
Andalucia. Alcazaba, Granada.
Andalucia. Fountains, Cordova
Courtyard, Palace of Carlos V. Alhambra, Granada (Second Version)
Rainy Morning. Holland Park
A Bigger Conservatory II

Return to East Yorkshire

Based for the summer in Bridlington, Hockney applies his watercolors to capturing the rural landscape of East Yorkshire. He and his new assistant, Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima, or J-P, scout the region by car, making frequent stops to sketch. J-P uses a digital camera to document the sequential development of Hockey’s work on these outings. Hockney completes the 36 watercolors of the series, Midsummer: East Yorkshire.

I set out one day with my friend Jean-Pierre driving. I was sitting in the passenger seat, and every few yards I’d have him pull over and stop so that I could sketch a particular stalk of grass or weed in the low roadside hedge .... Each one is quite distinct, quite different. The point being, the more you draw, the more you can see and then you start seeing everywhere, order emerging out of chaos, an order you can draw on the next time you take on the subject of an entire foreground hedge.

Hockney in East Yorkshire, Photo by J-P Gonçalves de Lima

Hockney's Pictures

Hockney curates a career-length assessment of his oeuvre with detailed notes on the works, which is published in November as Hockney’s Pictures.



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  • Rosa d’Oro Award presented by Yves Saint Laurent, Palermo, Italy.